Friday, March 27, 2009

Finding My Soapbox

Hello. My name is Grant Babcock. I am a student at the University of Pittsburgh majoring in physics and philosophy with minors in economics and computer science. In this blog, I hope to chronicle my continuing efforts to advance the cause of liberty, for myself and for the generations that follow.

As Americans, we are the inheritors of a spectacular legacy. It is the duty of each generation to jealously defend the torch of liberty so that it may be passed to the next. As I write, we are at risk of losing civilization's greatest achievement: the protection, by enshrinement in law, of natural rights against assault by criminals and tyrants.

Simply put, we face a choice. We can choose cowardice, and the rule of men; or courage, and the rule of law. If we shrink from the defense of liberty in the face of this day or that's transitory crisis, we will be complicit in the enslavement and exploitation of a whole generation of human beings.

A mighty charge to undertake, to be sure--but one gladly undertaken. To do so is the duty and honor of every human being.

If you find my ramblings worthy of your attention, thank you. Champions of liberty often feel they are shouting into the wilderness; your comments are appreciated. Finally, I ask that you read my scribbles generously; please don't mistake my passion for arrogance, my sarcasm for cynicism. In any case, it's just a blog.


Grant Babcock

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