Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea Party Hijacking

The media has picked up on yesterday's Tax Day Tea Party protests: Tens of thousands rally at tax day 'tea parties.'

The most important bit from the article:
While FreedomWorks insisted the rallies were nonpartisan, they have been seized on by many prominent Republicans who view them as a promising way for the party to reclaim its momentum.

"All you have to be is a mildly awake Republican candidate for office to get in front of that parade," said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform.

The movement attracted some Republicans considering 2012 presidential bids.

Well, this is problematic, yes? Republican presidential hopefuls are the last thing we needed at these rallies. It needs to be clear that the groundswell of anger in this country isn't being orchestrated by central planners affiliated with any party. Any attempts to hijack that anger must be resisted. Cheers to the San Antonio protest, which allowed no politicians to speak.

Republicans have a serious credibility problem when it comes to the economy. They drove the deficit through the roof for almost a decade. Well, some Republicans were way ahead of the game, but the party establishment basically laughed us off the stage. Did I mention way, way, way ahead of the game?

Sigh. There's another round of protests coming up, this time against the Federal Reserve. Republican leadership isn't really tuned into this issue yet, so hopefully it will be undiluted, and hopefully it will get media coverage as well.

To summarize some points I've made before--tax cuts without spending cuts won't get us out of this. Spending increases won't get us out of this. We need to drastically reduce the size and scope of the government, and we need to reform our monetary system. We need to reform Social Security and Medicare to address massive projected shortfalls, we need to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan immediately, and we need to audit the Federal Reserve. We need to allow bankrupcies and end bailouts.

Until the Republican leadership moves in this direction, it can shut up about the grassroots movement emerging in opposition to Obama.

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